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Case Study: Jonathan Levy LCSW

Jonathan Levy LCSW is an experienced Chicago therapist, counselor, and life coach who wanted to transform his Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) into a professional billboard. There were 2 - 3 negative links that he wanted us to actively target as well. He reached out to us and we got to work.

The challenging aspect of Jonathan Levy LCSW's file was that we were creating content and accounts during two Google search engine updates. It was very frustrating at times when things were not going to plan. We knew we had to remain patient and things would eventually fall into place.

What was most important in this case was that we successfully pushed the 2 - 3 negative pieces of content off of the first page. One of these links was from a large Chicago newspaper and this took a constant barrage to get it off the first page. After 65 days we are happy to announce that Jonathan Levy LCSW's Google SERP is clean and now a wonderful professional and personal portal.

Jonathan Levy LCSW Reputation Restoration campaign start
Jonathan Levy LCSW start of campaign

Jonathan Levy LCSW Reputation Restoration campaign end
Jonathan Levy LCSW Reputation Restoration campaign end

We are really happy that Jonathan Levy LCSW decided to take back control of his online reputation and used Reputation Restoration Inc. as his online reputation management firm to do so. Do not allow others to control the narrative of your reputation. Your online reputation is more important than ever and this is not just professionally, but personally too.

If you are like Jonathan and ready to take back control of your online reputation contact us today. We offer numerous bespoke online reputation management solutions to fit any budget, length of time, etc. Mention the code "JLEVY10" for 10% off your reputation restoration campaign.

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